A series of mind-bending puzzles present your team with unique challenges in a race against the clock. Common hierarchies are disrupted as nobody is an expert in this mission.

Learning through play!

To succeed it requires players to take action and become fully engaged. They have to divide strengths, share information, support each other, make decisions and keep an overview.


Time Crimes is playful but highly challenging.


Being immersed in such a situation outside of the work context reveals a lot about our work and communication style. It helps us to question everyday habits and to see ourselves and our colleagues from a different perspective.

Harvest your learnings...

Time Crimes is designed by experienced game designers in collaboration with organizational Psychologists to provide the players with a great adventure and an insightful experience.

Do not miss the learnings in the excitement of the moment, we strongly advise following the game with a guided reflection.


The game has been used for training, assessment or teambuilding. Our facilitators will be curious about your goals for the event and can adjust the reflection accordingly.

Focus points can include for instance:
Leadership & Group Dynamics, Harmony & Team-Bonding, Flow & Focus, Motivation and many more...

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